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Custom –designed Log Homes Penticton 

Are you looking for a company that can construct custom-designed log homes in Penticton, across Canada, and all over the world? If so, look no further than Maurer Log & Timber Frame Homes. We take pride in offering quality workmanship in every project handled. All logs used by us are carefully selected, hand-peeled, and handcrafted. Our magnificent log homes are primarily made from western red cedar, Douglas-fir, larch, pine, or spruce from the forests of British Columbia. Each log fits snuggly against the next one, held together by wooden dowels. When you choose us, rest assured a personal touch and thorough consideration is given to every home.

Log Home Characteristics

Some characteristics of our log homes include:

Excellent durability

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Earthquake proof

Excellent insulation

Prepping Quality Logs for Your Home

Once your new home is completed, the logs are washed, coded, and prepared for shipment. The construction process for an average building of 1500 to 5000 square feet requires about 4 to 12 weeks.


The prices for our homes are competitive and vary with the complexity of the design. You can choose from the various models readily available, or we can happily custom design the home of your choice. Prices are FOB, Penticton, British Columbia or delivered and re-erected on owner’s foundation.

What to Expect from Our Log Homes

Included in the price of your Maurer log home are the following:

Precision, art, and excellence in the process of the cutting of curves and arches

Log work to form the exterior walls and log partitions as per design

Door and window openings pre-cut, slabbed, and splined — ready for finishing and prepared for installation

Floor joists for loft or second floor

Ridge poles, purlins, beams, necessary log trusses, and support posts

Supervision of the re-erection on the owner's site to ensure proper assembly of each log

Delivery of the log package can be arranged anywhere in North America

Hire a Working Foreman for Your Log Home Construction

For log home construction outside of Canada, we can supply a working foreman to oversee the project. Our foreman will work with local contractors to complete your log home quickly and efficiently. Also, we can recommend local foremen in the area to work with you on a professional basis and oversee the construction project if necessary. Give us a call to start planning your custom log home with us today. We also provide refurbishing for older log homes and can supply working foremen for your construction project.

We Work Towards Exceeding Expectations

Our team is committed to providing you with custom-designed homes to fit your needs. Just let us know what you need, and we will help you with it.

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